Nick Salzano Shares Two World Famous Ghost Stories from Vietnam and Thailand

Horror story writer- Nick Salzano

One of Saigon’s most popular ghost stories, The Daughter of Hui Bi Hua, is the legend of the spirit of a young lady who wanders the passages of what is presently the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Art.

Back in 1934, when the triplet of structures was first constructed, it’s anything but home to the children and company of Hui Bi Hua, an incredibly well off land head honcho who was rumoured to claim around 20,000 properties in the city.

The fundamental structure used to be the family chateau, spooky by the spirit of Hui’s girl. 

The story goes that she contracted an infection during a city-wide scourge and was restricted to a room on the upper floor. During that time, uncleanliness was considered a revile more than it’s anything but: an infection. 

Ever unconventional in their public picture, the family chose to conceal how their girl was sick with sickness and declared that she had kicked the bucket from a “mystifying disease”, which they then, at that point, followed with a public burial service to settle the matter. 

Notwithstanding, in all actuality, Hua’s girl was barred in her room, with her suppers slid through space at the lower part of the entryway. They kept her locked in that room for quite a long time until the dejection and hopelessness of being bolted away ultimately made her crazy, and she ended her own life. 

Various adaptations of this story have asserted that she hanged herself, while another tale guarantees that she burned herself alive. 

From that point forward, numerous individuals have detailed seeing the ghostly figure of a lady wandering the lobbies of the structure and heard the sad sound of somebody crying in the dead of the evening. 

Thailand Ghost Stories

Thais affirm that insidious individuals will be reawakened as a horrendous night animal called a Preta, the prototype Hungry Ghost. 

These creatures are the tormented spirits of once-living individuals who are made to endure significantly with an unquenchable yearning generally for something disturbing. 

Furthermore, for some more tragic Preta, it can be a passion to eat their meat. There are various kinds of Preta with everyone the aftereffect of a particular sort of offence, such as being too parsimonious or exploiting individuals when they were alive.

A Preta resembles a lopsidedly loosened up form of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. They have long necks, fit bodies with a widened pot paunch, brown complexion, and hands as large as palm leaves. 

They are just about as tall as a palm tree and have a mouth as little as the eye of a sewing needle, which clarifies why they are ceaselessly ravenous. 

Those piercing whimpers you hear on a dull soothing night in Thailand are accepted as the sound of Pretas meandering as the night progresses.

So, these were the ghost stories that still terrifies the people of Thailand and Vietnam.

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