Nick Salzano Shares The Story that his Brother Told him

story by Nick Salzano

My home was built in 1994. It is a detached family home, wood outline setting on a substantial square establishment. I have been living here for around 8 years. Of the many strange things my brother and I have seen or heard in this house, this one occasion is my top choice. This happened to him (my brother).

Around ten years prior, my brother and his closest companions had begun a carport band generally playing “rock music”. So his companions got together on Friday evenings.

This occurred in winter, so the days were getting shorter; they had recently completed a long meeting when the choice to go to another person’s house came to fruition. My brother gave his vehicle keys to his friend so they could stack up the hardware.

My brother was strolling up the back steps from the basement when he remembered that he had left his cakes in a to-go bag on a speaker in the basement. 

So after my brother strolls back, he is going to recover his food compartment, when somewhere off to the side, he sees a person. 

He is a shadowy figure, directly at his fringe vision; this sensation of fear and anxiety washed over my brother. We had been trained that on the off chance that you are within sight of a soul or phantom and you felt awful energy, to say a quick prayer or to cuss at it. 

My brother began to walk to the back of the bunker and quickly up the stairs, slamming doors and switching off lights as he was stepping out. Although, unluckily, the last light switch is on the opposing surface of the door, fortunately, the door was unlocked, and the light from the streets was immersing the living room with its yellow glare. 

As he ventured out, he drew on the entryway, shutting it behind him; holding his food bag in one hand, he ran down a couple of patio steps. 

He strolled towards the front gate; our house dwells a long way from the central avenue, basically having a huge front yard yet no rear carport. As he closed the gap among himself and his companion loaded truck, he grinned and thoroughly considered things in his mind, distraught at himself for scaring out when there was no evidence. 

He moved into the driver’s side of the truck, setting on his safety belt and planning to pull out of the parking area before the house, when one of his companions asked, “Hello, stand by, what about your brother, is he accompanying us?” 

My brother replied, “What do you mean?. He went to work early around evening time; he is now gone; do you see his vehicle?” 

The following inquiry they posed “So then who was strolling behind you when you were going out? “

I got shivers when my brother told me this story. He also described it to our parents, and they shut down the basement and called a priest for the same.

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