Nick Salzano Shares Story: When a Cop Encountered with a Ghost

ghost fiction story

Addressing a call one night late, an old lady who lived nearby to the caller had not been seen for quite a while. This night we had a terrible storm without the rain. 

I get to the complainant’s home to address her first, asking why she called right now. She reveals that the woman nearby is in her 90s, lives alone, and has not seen her in weeks. 

She clarified that she had called, went over and thumped on her entryway, yet the woman wouldn’t reply. 

I begin thinking she is likely expired and has been for quite a while. The vehicle has a 3-inch layer of residue on it, the mail is stacking up, and no lights are on.

First, I strolled to the side entryway and thumped on the entry with my spotlight, thumping loud enough that an older individual with some consultation ought to hear it. 

Following a couple of moments of no reaction, I pivot and stroll to the patio, taking a gander at the windows and discovering everything ok. 

The claimant is with me and is stating she doesn’t know about any woman’s family members. I’m certain at this time that she is presumably expired. 

 I’m not tall enough to investigate the windows, which are likely 7 feet off the ground. 

The complainant runs nearby and gets a container for me to remain on. I get on the pail and bingo; I can see the front room. The gleam was from the TV, which was on a blue screen and was brilliant enough that I didn’t require my electric lamp to see in. 

I took a gander at the floor to ensure she had not fallen there, lounge chair, chair, everything was unfilled. The phone headquarters was flickering red with the missed calls and voice messages. 

From the front room was a dim corridor, and I was unable to see down. Utilizing my electric lamp, I could see an open entryway down the lobby-still no indications of life. 

I pivoted and told the complainant that everything looked all right, and nothing was upset. I turned around, and an older lady glanced back at me with her face straight up close to the glass. 

I could not inhale; it felt as if I had been hit in the chest by a bat. I fell in reverse and off of the container. 

I hit the ground firmly, and the claimant raced at me. I pushed her off as she attempted to help me up, and I ran back up on the pail. My heart was beating, yet I needed to see. 

The difference was up on the window. I thought back inside and saw a fragile old lady remaining in the lobby wearing a taxing night outfit with her back to me. 

She turned her head aside and took a gander at me somewhere off to the side, and the gradually left view and down the dull corridor. That frightened me. 

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