Nick Salzano Shares Fictional Story – Meeting with a Ghost

Nick Salzano-ghost writer

I believe in ghosts/spirits/demons. Any individual who realizes me presumably realizes that. I can cheerfully speak for quite a long time about scary stories and close ghostly experiences. For the most significant length of time, I had never seen a ghost, accepting that I was excessively anxious for the experience to really see one.

I grew up in a quiet town near New York (almost 100 miles). This town also happens to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. This is not a joke.

Obviously, inhabitants have accounts of their own; almost everything is spooky when you ask individuals. Nearly everything in this town seems to have been worked over some sort of Native American graveyard. Apologies, Potawatomi, yet we indeed required that target.

I was eighteen, driving in my car with my sibling Albert through a parking area. A man unexpectedly leaves the store and starts strolling straightforwardly before our vehicle. We stop abruptly. 
Tall and tanned with rough skin extended over hard bones, this man was wearing jean shorts, and a baseball cap over his nectar shaded mullet.

He swaggered, taking as much time as is needed, before our car made enormous strides like he was strolling over a hindrance course. 
At that point, he halted in the centre, directly before the two of us, did a befuddle move with his legs like he was in a kid band and gazed straight toward us the entire time before proceeding with his step. The look he gave the two of us was brutal. He was unusual to such an extent that we snickered about it the whole ride home.

The following day we were reviewing this story to my sister and her friend, Johny. Johny interrupts me, “Was he wearing jean shorts?”

“Definitely,” I said.

“Furthermore, a cap, right?”


“Better believe it, that is the spirit of Watson .” There was a quiet as we gazed at her anticipating her clarification. “He simply strolls around that way and does abnormal stuff since he figures nobody can see him.”

After this disclosure, I would see him stepping along the town every other day. For a decent two months, I would see him confounding his way down the walkway and halting to gaze at vehicles before throwing fall leaves at them. He was one wacky ghost.

I told this story to many of my friends, and believe me, it scars the shit out of them every time.

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