Nick Salzano Shares Fictional Story:A Ghost at my Native Village

Nick Salzano- Ghost Writer

I was at my workplace, and my father called me and broke the news that my granddad had expired. He was crying and wanted me to reach my native village as soon as possible.

I started my bike, and while controlling my tears, began driving towards the bus stand. But, it was raining heavily, so I had to wait in-between the route to the bus stand.

I need to get a bus from Mumbai that will drop me to the closest town on the expressway, and from that point, again, I need to get another bus to arrive at my native village. 

To be more precise, I arrived at the bus stand around 3 PM and luckily, I got a transport right away. I realized that this bus would take around 4 hours to arrive at the town on the expressway, so I was pretty sure to get the last bus from that point, which was at 7 PM. 

Tragically, the bus had some functional issues mid-way, which took over an hour to fix. At the point when I reached that town on the highway, it was practically 8:00 PM. It was the winter season and was very dim even around then. I had missed my last bus. I checked with an individual and got confirmation that there is no bus after that time. 

I began strolling the street with a sack on my shoulder; the dimness around me was terrifying. Both the roadsides were cultivating land, a large portion of which was developed with sugarcane. The gigantic stalks of sugarcane were making the circumstance more awful. 

After some time, I saw one car drawing closer. 

I motioned for a lift, with not much expectation. The car driver halted somewhat ahead and turned around. I was unable to see his face, as it was dull, and he had folded a dim wrap over his neck and face to shield him from cold breezes. 

He asked where I needed to go and when I revealed to him the name of my local spot, he said he would drop me as he lives in a town near my native village. He flagged me to sit on the rear, which I managed decisively. 

I arrived at home around 10 PM; there were many family members around then. 

I enlightened my dad regarding the individual who had given me a lift. He asked me the individual’s name; when I revealed to him the name, he began looking with astonishment at me. 

Then, he asked me again whether I am sure about the name. I inquired as to why he was so amazed by name, and afterwards, he said that “man” had passed on two years back. At that point, it was my chance to get astonished.

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