Nick Salzano: Why I am not sure about the “religion” thing?

Being a ghostwriter, Nick Salzano always prefers to write on the spooky stuff. But, today, he would be discussing the “religion” thing. Let’s check what Nick Salzano has to say: A considerable lot of my companions distinguish along these lines. Their convictions fall on a wide range from “I trust in a higher force with […]

Nick Salzano Discusses How to write a terrifying ghost story?

Today, Nick Salzano, a ghostwriter from Newark, will guide you with how to write a terrifying ghost story. The terrifying thing about a decent ghost story is how a common circumstance can unexpectedly become remarkable while presenting an otherworldly component.  Present-day ghost story authors construct an uncanny air while staying away from adages like a […]

Nick Salzano Discusses Debunking the Science Behind Ghosts

Nick Salzano, a famous ghost storyteller, today debunks the science behind ghosts. Nick, himself believes in ghosts but not in ghost hunting science. So, let’s see what Nick needs to say: Paranormal science has been a subject of discussion for quite a while. There are numerous who have faith in supernatural events, and there are […]

Nick Salzano Shares Story: When a Cop Encountered with a Ghost

Addressing a call one night late, an old lady who lived nearby to the caller had not been seen for quite a while. This night we had a terrible storm without the rain.  I get to the complainant’s home to address her first, asking why she called right now. She reveals that the woman nearby […]

Nick Salzano Discusses Does Science Believe in Ghost?

While science can neither affirm nor reject the presence of spirits, it can address a great deal of the critical mental and actual components that could be influencing you when you have an involvement in something that is apparition like or things to look for when you get snared on your next ghost chasing unscripted […]

Nick Salzano Shares 3 Ghost Stories that will not let you Sleep Today

A New York Ghost Story: The Benevolent Ghost of Mrs James  In the mid-2000s, a family remodelled a delightful Victorian home in New York. After finally moving in, it wasn’t well before their five-year-old girl, Victoria, started revealing to them accounts of her companion, Mrs James, who lived on the third floor and wore long […]

Nick Salzano Shares Two World Famous Ghost Stories from Vietnam and Thailand

One of Saigon’s most popular ghost stories, The Daughter of Hui Bi Hua, is the legend of the spirit of a young lady who wanders the passages of what is presently the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Art. Back in 1934, when the triplet of structures was first constructed, it’s anything but home to […]

Nick Salzano Shares Fictional Story – Meeting with a Ghost

I believe in ghosts/spirits/demons. Any individual who realizes me presumably realizes that. I can cheerfully speak for quite a long time about scary stories and close ghostly experiences. For the most significant length of time, I had never seen a ghost, accepting that I was excessively anxious for the experience to really see one. I […]

Nick Salzano Shares Fictional Story:A Ghost at my Native Village

I was at my workplace, and my father called me and broke the news that my granddad had expired. He was crying and wanted me to reach my native village as soon as possible. I started my bike, and while controlling my tears, began driving towards the bus stand. But, it was raining heavily, so […]